Jackson Spiner 

Jackson Spiner is known as the son of American actor Brent Spiner, who is famous for playing the role of Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation.Background

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Jackson Spiner was born on June 29, 2002. He is the only child of Brent Spiner and Loree McBride. Jackson didn't mind being the only child in a wealthy family because of the benefits he had all to himself; he didn't have to share any of his toys growing up. He received all the love and affection of his parents without having to compete with any siblings.

Jackson's father had only been married once, but before that, he had lived the life of a bachelor. One of his confirmed relationships was with a woman named Swoosie Kurtz, which lasted from 1978 to 1981. He spent some time alone and occasionally went on dates, but he primarily wanted to focus on himself. It would be three years before he got into another serious relationship.

In 1984, he started dating Elizabeth Greene. They got serious enough with each other that they actually moved in together. Their friends and family thought that they would eventually have children because they had already taken a big step by moving in together. They broke up before they could have any children. Moving in together was a reality check for them and showed them that they weren't meant for each other. At one point, he was also believed to have had an affair with actress Terry Farrell, but the rumors died down after there wasn't enough evidence to keep the speculation alive.


Jackson Spiner has not revealed any public information about his personal relationships or dating history.

Career and Net Worth

Brent, the father of Jackson, was greatly influenced by his drama teacher who had previously mentored many successful actors. Brent is most renowned for his role as "Data" in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In a discussion with the AV Club, Brent reminisced about the time he played himself in an episode of Joey, a spin-off of the famed sitcom Friends. After the conclusion of Friends, the network aimed to retain the fandom by having one of the lead actors star in his own show. Although the show was short-lived, Brent's notable appearance is still a cherished memory. He jovially shared, "Joey was one of my finest performances ever. [Laughs.] And, you know, Matt LeBlanc is currently doing the same thing, playing himself on Episodes. When I was on Joey, I eagerly urged them to portray me as the biggest jerk they could, because frankly, I believe everyone inwardly sees themselves that way. Or at least I do. [Laughs.]"

Brent's most recognized roles include appearances in "The Big Bang Theory" (2007), "Ray Donovan" (2013), and "Blunt Talk" (2015).

When asked by the AV Club about his first acting role in a TV movie titled My Sweet Charlie, Brent responded, "Yes, that was indeed me. However, I think I was technically uncredited as Local #1, as there were three of us. But I had the most lines. [Laughs.] A few years back, I saw a production of Wicked in San Francisco with a friend of mine, which featured Patty Duke. When he asked, 'Do you want to meet her?' I excitedly said, 'Yeah!' After meeting backstage, she stepped out of her dressing room, looked at me, and said, 'I know you.' I replied, 'Well, uh, yeah, I was in My Sweet Charlie.' She recognized me as, 'Yeah! You were the guy in the car on the road!' And indeed I was. [Laughs.] It was astounding. Truly incredible. But, there's always the chance she mistook me for uncredited Local #2 or #3. It's simply hard to confirm."

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2020: 16 million
Net Worth 2021: 16 million
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Last Modified: May 28 2023
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